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Shop our line of pond & lake supplies at H&S Feed & Country Store. 

Pond & lake supply products give you a pond that’s clean and clear, free of muck, algae, and weeds with our complete line of pond products. 

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Catt Plex

AQUATIC HERBICIDE- GLYPHOSATECatt Plex isn't just a cattail killer.  This concentrated aquatic ..


Crystal Blue Pond Dye

Looking for a high-quality, long-lasting, and safe blue pond dye?  Try Crystal Blue pond dye.Po..


Crystal Plex Liquid Pond Algae Control

LIQUID POND ALGAE CONTROLIdentifying the growth in your pond is the first step to controlling it. No..


Natural Pond Cleaner

Adding beneficial pond bacteria to your pond not only helps breaks down muck and dead vegetation on ..


Plex Mate

Get the best results from your herbicides and algaecides by using a surfactant!Surfactants help stic..


Tsunami DQ

Pond Weed Problems?Aquatic herbicides are effective in controlling multiple types of pond weeds.&nbs..


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