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America’s Choice Eco Flake Shavings

This product is made from screened, kiln-dried wood waste from home building product manufacturers. ..


America’s Choice Premium Mini-Flake Shavings

This is the smallest flake we produce and the fastest-growing product in our lineup. With more surfa..


America's Choice Bedding Pellets

America's Choice Bedding Pellets are highly compressed pellets that expand to absorb more than conve..


Kennel Care Premium Cedar Bedding

Kennel Care Premium Cedar Bedding is all natural, kiln dried eastern red cedar. This product is arom..


Suncoast Large Flake Pine Shavings

SUNCOAST Pine Shavings Products include our original Large flake which is available in 10 or 12 cubi..


Suncoast Mini Flake Bedding

Suncoast Mini Flake Bedding is a premium quality pure pine mini size flake for great absorbency. The..


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