Traeger Recipes

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Chile-Lime Shrimp with Green Onions

Chef Timothy Hollingsworth combines fresh & zesty flavors with a kick of spice with this Chile-Lime Shrimp with Green Onions...

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Reverse Seared New York Strip Steak

There's no better way to do steak than a good ole' reverse sear. This reverse seared New York strip steak...

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Traegar Recipes: Italian Beef Sandwich

Traegar Recipes: Italian Beef Sandwich. Sink your teeth into a beefy Italian sandwich that's smothered in melted cheese. Juicy Traegered meat...

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Mother’s Day Menu

Show mom you really care and make your Mother’s Day brunch or dinner unforgettable with these wood-fired recipes. Check out...

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Smoked Ham on a Traeger Grill

Smoked ham is one of the more savory ways to enjoy pork. You can buy it in the store, but...

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