Purina Honor Show Chow Muscle & Cover 819

Purina Honor Show Feed Pig

Purina Honor Show Chow Muscle & Cover 819 feed is an entirely new feed formulated by Ph.D. Swine Nutritionists to meet the changing demands of today’s ultra-modern show pigs. This feed contains Purina’s proprietary Alleviate Digestive Support Supplement designed to support gastric health in show pigs for optimal performance.

For growing and finishing pigs (adding muscle, cover and body) from 75 lbs. all the way to show, 819 feed is a 16% protein, 6.0% crude fat, 0.85% lysine feed in a palatable meal for designed for proper intake.

Along with our proprietary High Octane® Alleviate® Digestive Support Supplement, we’ve included TASCO® and our exclusive Ambitine® feed technology to support proper gut health and feed intake.

Purina Honor Show Chow Muscle & Cover 819 feed is the latest technology in gastric health from Purina. Unleash your animals genetic potential and maximize your investment.


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