Wondering What to Feed a Calf at Weaning?

Weaning Calves? Start Them Right.

A strong start begins with strong starter feeds. Calf Weaning

Weaning calves is a demanding and hectic time. Calves are often most vulnerable at weaning, facing many stressors with immune systems that aren’t fully developed. As a result, it costs the beef industry time and money to combat respiratory challenges.

At H&S Feed and Country Store, we believe a strong defense is the best offense in the fight against weaned calf stress and health challenges. That’s why Purina Precon, Purina Accuration Starter and Purina Stress Care 5 now include RX3 Immune Support Technology to prepare a calf’s natural defense to combat respiratory challenges.

Try Purina Precon and Purina Accuration Starter complete feeds or Purina Stress Care 5 supplement feeds with RX3 Immune Support Technology today.

Research showed weaning calves fed Purina® starter feeds with RX3 Immune Support Technology:

  • Gained, on average, 6 pounds more than the control group within a 30-day period2
  • Healthy calves receiving RX3 Immune Support Technology gained more weight compared to healthy control calves3
  • Were more uniform because fewer calves were poor performers
  • Had less variation in average daily gain compared to control calves

Stop by H&S Feed and Country Store to find out what to feed your calf at weaning. We’ll set you up.

Source: PMI studies at University of Minnesota and North Dakota State University.

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