Why Feed High-Fat Cattle Supplements?

H&S Feed and Country Store cares about your cattle’s health and nutrition. Cattle fed high-fat cattle supplements help digestion and body score on coarse mature late season forages.

High-fat cattle supplements help provide additional fat, an ingredient that influences nutrition and reproduction. 

Cattle standing in a fieldFat influences cow body condition and are a precursor for cholesterol (a precursor for estrogen). Estrogen plays a vital role in a cow’s ability to come in heat and get bred.

High-fat cattle supplements, now in block form.

Historically, it’s been difficult to achieve high-fat levels in block form. When a product has too much fat—whether pellet, block or cube—the physical form is no longer hard. For that reason, many high-fat cattle supplements are in liquid or meal form.

The new Accuration® Hi-Fat Block offers increased fat content in a hard block form. A proprietary high-energy nugget delivers the additional fat. In fact, you can see the nuggets in a block or tub when it’s cut in half.

Stop by H&S Feed and Country Store to buy your cattle the new Accuration Hi-Fat Block, they’ll thank you.

Source: Ron Scott, Ph.D. (Director, Beef Technical Innovation)

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