Traeger Grills for Father’s Day

Dad wants a new Traeger for Fathers Day from H&S Feed and Country Store!

Hi! Byron here at H&S Feed. We have got five Trager models for dad for Father’s Day.

We’ve got the Pro 22, this is an awesome grill, you can get quite a lot of meat on there. It’s got the sawhorse legs.

We’ve got the Pro 34. Even bigger than the Pro 22. Just look at how much stuff you can get on there. 884 square inches of cooking and smoking room.

We’ve got the Timberline 575. This is the king of all grills right here. It’s the best grill in America right here at H&S Feed.

We’ve got the Traeger 850 Timberline. It’s got three smoke shelves on it and just an awesome product from Traeger.

Shop H&S Feed & Country store for all of your Traeger Father’s Day needs. Between June 12-21st, stop by for $100 OFF new D2 Pro Series. This discount is available for the Pro Series 22, 34, 575 and 780.

We’re a servicing Traeger dealer here. We assemble them for you. We offer delivery in the Oskaloosa area. We are here, available after the sale if you have any trouble or have questions. We have cooking classes here at the store. We give drip trays away with the purchase of a grill. The aluminum foil drip trays and the bucket liners. So, we take care of you here. So, stop in and get dad a new grill for Father’s Day! You know he wants one and we’d be happy to help you! Thank you much!

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