Primo Ceramic Grills Now In Stock

Primo Ceramic Grills available at H&S FeedPrimo Ceramic Grills are now in stock at H&S Feed & Country Store! These ceramic grills work like a grill, an oven, a roaster, and a smoker. Simply choose a cooking configuration to meet your needs and cook any recipe…from steaks to bread to beef brisket.

These oval-shaped grills offer greater cooking versatility and efficiency than a round-shaped grill. Primo’s patented oval shape delivers the highest degree of cooking flexibility of any ceramic grill by creating 2 distinct cooking zones at once. As a result, no more burning veggies while waiting for a thick steak to sear or having to completely reset your charcoal to cook something different! These kamados let you do everything at once. With versatility like that, grilling can be a whole lot easier.

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