Prepare for Sheep and Goat Breeding Season

sheep and goat eating Purina Accuration TubSheep and goat breeding season is around the corner, and several steps should be taken now to ensure a successful season. Before and during the breeding season, increase nutrition and energy intake to help optimize ovulation rate. This can be accomplished with high-quality pasture and adding energy by feeding ewes Purina Delta Lamb & Ewe Breeder or Purina Accuration Sheep & Goat Hi-Fat Block.

Purina Accuration Sheep & Goat Hi-Fat Block is a premium, weather-resistant protein block. It includes fat, vitamins, and minerals to balance nutrient deficiencies. Accuration is designed with Intake Modifying Technology, meaning sheep will only consume the product when they need it, so we recommend keeping it out in the pasture year-round. The proprietary high-energy nugget helps support year-round body condition and provides a high level of fat, without any added cooper.

As Sheep breeding season is around the corner, now is the time to be placing out Purina Wind & Rain Sheep Mineral and Purina Accuration Sheep & Goat Hi-Fat Blocks for your flock. We recommend placement of Purina Wind & Rain Sheep mineral minimum of 45 days prior to breeding to capture the greatest Sheep reproductive rewards. Watch our Purina video for more information.

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