Pet Toys at H&S Feed

New shipment of toys for your pet!!

Hi! I’m Abby from H&S Feed. We got some new toys in. So, I’m going to give you a quick look at them.

We got some new leather, there a fun toy. Some toys that have a chew guard in them. Several of those. Some toys that make some sounds. And then to celebrate your pet’s birthday, their’s a birthday cake and it sings the “Happy Birthday” song.

Some new canine toys, this one has a tennis ball inside of its head. This one’s super cute. This one kind of honks or grunts I would say. Some new unstuffies, just the material, nothing inside, just in the head. We had something like that already. We’ve got some new ducks in. And this one is kind of a plus toy too, but it’s got a crinkle and a squeaker inside. Some new kind of taggy toys here for puppies to chew on.

These are really great. These are Huggles for Heros, so much of the proceeds goes to the canine warriors. We’ve got some new jelly balls over here, some footballs. Even if these are punctured they do not go flat. Then we’ve got the bouncy ball type ones which are the same, they don’t pop.

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