Pet Digestive Month

Pet Digestive MonthDogs will be dogs. Fortunately, you can control what pets eat at mealtime. Exclusive® Signature created a pet food that provides top nutrition in every bowl. Exclusive Signature with Comfort Care™ pet food is formulated with a unique combination of researched ingredients chosen by Ph.D. nutritionists to support comprehensive digestive health. Beet pulp fiber. Chicory root. Probiotics and proprietary yeast. This unique combination of researched ingredients supports digestive health today while preparing your pets for tomorrow.

August is Pet Digestive Month. They can’t tell you through words, but there are many signs your dog can give you to communicate digestive discomfort. Watch for these indicators. If you’re seeing any of these signs, consider Exclusive Signature pet foods.

  • Does your dog defecate on a normal, consistent schedule?
  • Is their stool soft and well-formed?
  • Do they display discomfort after a meal?
  • Have you noticed changes in their coat quality?
  • Do they seem to itch more than usual?

Exclusive Signature pet food foods are available at H&S Feed & Country Store. Shop us in the store or online. Curbside & delivery service is available. Find out more about them here.

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