Laying Hens Now Available

We have, in limited supply, two different breeds of laying hens available: Sapphire Gems & ISA Browns! laying hens

If you love exotic colors in your flock, the Sapphire Gem‘s lavender and blue feathering will surely catch your eye. Sapphire Gems are medium sized chickens who do well in a variety of climates. They’re docile, friendly and even cuddly, one of the best breeds for children. This lovely breed is also eggcelent at producing eggs; they typically lay nearly 300 eggs a year!

Beloved by many in the poultry world, ISA Browns are wonderful egg producers! They can lay up to six eggs per week. Their eggshells are high quality and texture. The ISA Browns make a wonderful addition to a backyard flock. Because they are good natured, non-aggressive and low-maintenance, they are great for families or for those just starting out raising chickens.

Get yours today before they’re gone!! 

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