How to Clean Your Traeger Grill

Do you know how to clean your Traeger Grill? Making sure your grill is clean and free of built-up grease and debris is critical for keeping the pure, wood-fired flavor of your grill intact. The best way to ensure this is through regular cleanings and maintenance of your grill.

You’ll want the following items on hand: • Wooden Grill Grate Scrape • Traeger All-Natural Grease Cleaner • Drip Tray Liners • Bucket Liners • Shop Vac • Paper Towels • Bottle Brush • Disposable Gloves

1) Spray grates with the Traeger All Natural Grease Cleaner

2) Spray inside of the chimney

3) Remove and clean grates with the Wooden Grill Grate Scrape

4) Remove drip tray liner

5) Remove drip tray

6) Remove heat baffle

7) Vacuum inside of grill

8) Scrub inside of the chimney with a bottle brush

9) Spray walls with the All-Natural Grease Cleaner

10) Let soak, and wipe down with paper towels

11) Reinsert heat baffle

12) Reinsert drip tray

13) Insert new drip tray liner

14) Insert new bucket liner

15) Reinsert grates

Keep your grill happy and running at peak performance with Traeger’s quick and easy cleanup tools. Our lineup of products includes custom Drip Tray Liners and Grease Bucket Liners as well as Traeger’s All Natural Cleaner. All of these helpful items and more are available at your local dealer or online at Don’t forget you can find more tips and tricks on how to keep your grill primed and ready for action through the Traeger App.

Watch this video and learn how to clean your Traeger Grill.


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