Getting to know your Pro Series Controller

Getting to know your Pro Series Controller with H&S Feed.

Option 1: Cooking at a single temperature. Use this method for simple recipes requiring a single cook cycle at a set temperature. Plugin the grill and turn it on. Your grill’s home screen defaults to “Turn the dial to select temp.” Turn the dial to the desired temperature and press the dial to select. Press ignite. The automatic ignition and pre-heat cycle will begin. Once preheating is complete, load food into the grill and close the door.

Once cooking is complete you will need to shut down your grill. Press and hold dial to initiate the shut-down cycle. Always run your grill through the full shut down cycle after each cook.

Option 2: Cooking with the meat probe. Use this method when your recipe specifies an internal goal temperature for your food. Turn on the grill. Plug probe into probe jack. The probe icon will appear in the controllers upper right-hand corner. Load food into the grill. Feed the probe through a grommet on the side of the grill. Insert the probe into the thickest part of the meat avoiding fat and the bone. Press “menu” and select “probe”. Select “set alarm”. Use the selection dial to choose the temperature for your meat. The home screen will now display the grill temperature, goal probe temperature, and grill status.

Find out how to calibrate the probe and more by watching this video.


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