Flocktober at H&S Feed

Flock Signs 2021Flocktober is back at H&S Feed. During the month of October, pick up a free flock sign with the purchase of a Purina Poultry Layer feed. Choose from 3 different designs, all valid while supplies last.

If you added new chicks to your flock this spring, it’s time to switch them over to a layer feed.

Options include for purchase in the store or online:

Purina Layena Pellets

Purina Layena Crumbles

Purina Layena Plus Omega-3

Purina Meat Bird Crumbles

Purina Organic Layer Crumbles

Purina Home Grown 16% Layer Pellets

Purina Home Grown Layer 16% Crumbles

Come see us for all your chicken needs, from feeds, supplies, and coops!

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