Creep Feeders Available to Rent and Buy, Filling Offered

ror of red and white Apache creep feedersH&S Feed & Country Store has Apache creep feeders available for customers to rent or buy. The creep feeders can hold up to 2.5-3 tons of feed each. We can fill them for you (in fact, if you are renting a creep feeder from us, we prefer if you use the feed we provide).

Creep Feeding can be a great tool to have in your cow-calf management toolbox. Utilizing self-feeders is convenient, especially when H&S Feed & Country Store fills them for you!

Rent is $3 a day. Please call the store for current creep feeder pricing.

Studies show that creep feeding is one of the most economic ways to add 80 to 100 pounds to the weaning weights of calves. Calves that experience creep feeding usually suffer less setback at weaning and adapt to feedlot rations quicker than calves that aren’t fed a grain-based creep feed.

Visit or contact H&S Feed for any questions about the creep feeders available!

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