Primo Oval Junior 200 Ceramic All-In-One Grill

Primo Ceramic Grills
2022-06-03 USD
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Primo is the Only Ceramic Grill Made in the USA. 4 out of 5 Americans prefer products made in the USA, so it’s easy to see why Primo is one of the most popular grills over its imported counterparts.

Patented Oval Design. The unique oval shape offers exceptional cooking efficiency and true two zone cooking. Two distinct cooking zones allows you to grill and roast simultaneously. Round ceramic grill companies can make the claim, but Primo is the only one that delivers.

Grill, Bake, Roast, or Smoke All on the Same “Grill”. Primo ceramic grills work like a grill, an oven, a roaster, and a smoker. Simply choose a cooking configuration to meet your needs and cook any recipe...from steaks to bread to beef brisket.

Primo Offers Amazing Flavor. The combination of the ceramic shell and 100% natural lump charcoal creates juicier food and true wood-fired flavor. Enjoy mouthwatering and delicious food that gas and metal grills just can’t offer.

Premium Grade Ceramics
Primo ceramics are an excellent insulator, allowing you to cook slow and low or hot and fast.

Easy-To-Read Thermometer
Our large oval thermometer is accurate and easy to read from a distance.

Heat-Resistant Gaskets
Our Nomex-based gasket is designed to handle the heat. They also last longer than a felt gasket.

Stainless Steel Grates
Stainless steel cooking grates offer high performance while being low maintenance. These grates will not rust, are good for heat retention and are easy to clean.

Durable Side Shelves
Plenty of room to set heavy platters and other utensils.

Fold-Down Side Shelves
Conveniently fold shelves downward for storage or transport.

Powder-Coated Hardware
Scratch and rust resistant with superior weather durability.

Locking Front Casters
Convenient locking casters prevent movement, yet allow for easy movement when unlocked.

Grilling Specifications

Cooking Area:
210 sq in. | 1,355cm2

Temperature Range:
151 - 850 F+ | 66C-

Optional Rack System:
150 sq. in. | 968cm2

100 pounds

Grilling Capacity

  • 3 Whole Chickens
  • 1 Small Whole Turkey
  • 4 Steaks
  • 8 Burgers
  • 4 Racks of Ribs
  • 6 Ears of Corn

Primo Oval Junior 200 Charcoal Primo All-In-One ceramic grill offers superior cooking efficiency and accessibility. Grill, bake, roast, or smoke any food. 

The All-In-One package comes with the grill head, an ergonomic handle, cradle stand, side tables, ash tool, and grate lifter. 

Have questions about which grill is right for your? Contact the knowledgeable staff at H&S Feed & Country Store. We're here to help you find the right products for your outdoor living needs.

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